I love building and shipping projects. Here you can find more about my 3+ years of professional work and my personal projects.

Work Experience

  1. Founder -   tellmeaboutyourself

    • Built an interview prep assistant
    • Powered by GPT-3.5-Turbo
    • 40+ reports generated by users
  2. Founder -   AssetsAI

    • Built a marketplace for AI generated game assets
    • Assets built with Stable Diffusion
    • More than 300+ game assets of 10+ categories
  3. Founder -   StrategyQR

    • Built a custom QR code generator tool for all kinds of marketing/advertising
    • Custom ticket generator tool to create customised tickets
    • Fully customisable QR codes with business pages
  4. SDE 2 - Jupiter Money

    • Led the development of the personal finance vertical and revamped the money tab using Remix, a web-app integrated into our react-native mobile app, resulting in quick releases for our million-strong customer base.
    • Pioneered the use of Remix and React-native technology stack in the organization.
    • Achieved 22% improvements in load times and other performance metrics of the web-app.
  5. SDE 1 - Swiggy

    • Worked on restaurant partner apps and became the co-owner of web-app serving millions of customers.
    • Created a headless CMS dashboard powering the owner app homepage of the partner mobile app serving ~80% of our users..
    • Directed the migration and refactoring of legacy code in AngularJS/React Native to React Native/React Native for Web, implementing a single codebase following the monorepo approach.
    • Improved web perf scores on lighthouse by 15% with a focus on accessibility.
    • Received MVP award for taking ownership of migration activities and our web-app
  6. Associate Software Development Engineer - AVEVA

    • Introduced modern UI implementation of the enterprise product for an upcoming major release, with an older framework, and delivered the release before the promised date.
    • Developed new and rewrote key existing features to improve code coverage results by 12%.
    • Refined load time by 11%.

These are some of my most coveted projects and which I've loved spending my time building!

Color Contrast Analyser
Digit Recognition online tool
Banjara Trip Organizer